Our Barefoot Sierra Boots are handmade by an Indigenous Guatemalan family of shoe-makers with three generations of experience. The soles are flexible reclaimed car-tyres, providing a soft but sturdy tread.

The Barefoot edition offers you a wider toe box for landing your foot in its natural shape while walking. The thick external leather combined with a complete inner lining of quality suede give full protection from wet weather.

Antique hand-embroidered blouses with Mayan symbology are recycled and integrated into the shoe to create a "one of a kind" boot with its own unique combination of embroidered fabric.

For ultimate comfort a pair of soft inner soles are sewn in to provide a jelly-like sole. 

Like all quality leather boots, these need to be worn in and stretched to your exact foot shape. 

These boots are suitable for all feet type, but much wider feet but may take more time to wear-in. The top part of the toe-box needs a week to soften into your shape so don’t be worried if initially it feels tight.

These versatile boots are sure to become your favourite choice of shoe wear all year round.

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