Since establishing our clothing company Ethnic Spirit in 2006 we have spent our Spring and Summer months in Australia on the road moving from one festival to another, travelling as far north as Cairns and as far South as Tasmania. 

Beginning with a small Ford Econovan which we referred to as the “coffin” for how small the sleeping space was with all our stock inside, we have slowly progressed more luxurious style of travelling. We now rock up to festivals in our awesome motorhome with a trailer for our stock and have a comfortable set-up for life on the road with a toddler.

When we arrive at festivals no matter how far we travel we always find our community of friends who work in the festival scene. From musicians to market organisers, customers and beautiful fellow stall holder friends from years of festivals spent together, there is a feeling of great camaraderie rather than competition.

The festival experience is a little fairytale world away from the standard reality of life in Australia. The decorations, stages, lights, quirky set-ups and music create the experience of stepping into another world. A world where creativity, individuality and good vibes rule and people are encouraged to feel free and uninhibited to express themselves any style of dance or dress.

What a unique work place! We love it!

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