Our names are Jessica and Giovanni and we live in the beautiful Blue Mountains National Park, NSW where we return after each busy festival season to enjoy the peacefulness of nature and our community of friends and family. We have a gorgeous 4 yr old and 8 yr old son who both bring us constant delight mixed with regular teachings of the challenges of parenting!

We have many passions; music, travel, bushwalking, camping, languages, fabrics, spirituality, personal growth, gardening, teaching, nature and adventures. We both have lots of hobbies and struggle to get bored.

We are always creating something, whether its sewing a toy or creating a sound garden in the backyard. Yet we also love just doing nothing and soaking up the tranquility of nature! One of our aims in life is to have more time than money so we are often planning new ventures that will take us in that direction.

The way we see it, life is short and we want to enjoy every moment of it!

We have been enjoying the festival and market lifestyle with our clothing stall in Australia since 2006. We have been to hundreds of music festivals, lifestyle festivals, medieval festivals, spring and harvest festivals, street fairs and markets in every state of Australia, selling our wares.

We love being on the road, bringing treasures from around the globe to the Australian festival and markets scene.

We love the colours and beauty that we experience on our global travels. South America, Thailand, India, Nepal, Bali, West Africa: these countries have thousands of years of experience in fashion, fabrics and traditional textile techniques. We work with small family businesses in these countries, gathering uniquely ethical and ethnic clothing and accessories to add colour, spice and a taste of travel to Australian wardrobes!

Feel free to browse our website or contact us in person to find out where we’ll be at our weekly events around the country and to explore what clothing and accessories we have in season.

Our Lifestyle 

Since establishing our clothing company Ethnic Spirit in 2006 we have spent our Spring and Summer months in Australia on the road moving from one festival to another, travelling as far north as Cairns and as far South as Tasmania. 

Beginning with a small Ford Econovan which we referred to as the “coffin” for how small the sleeping space was with all our stock inside, we have slowly progressed more luxurious style of travelling. We now rock up to festivals in our enormous stock truck and caravan and have a comfortable set-up for life on the road with two active little boys.

When we arrive at festivals no matter how far we travel we always find our community of friends who work in the festival scene. From musicians to market organisers, customers and beautiful fellow stall holder friends from years of festivals spent together, there is a feeling of great camaraderie rather than competition.

The festival experience is a little fairytale world away from the standard reality of life in Australia. The decorations, stages, lights, quirky set-ups and music create the experience of stepping into another world. A world where creativity, individuality and good vibes rule and people are encouraged to feel free and uninhibited to express themselves any style of dance or dress.

Travel Blog

We began traveling years before we started our business. It is definitely our biggest shared passion which is clear in our story: we met traveling in our early twenties in India, we later got married in Thailand, we’ve traveled to almost all of the continents and now we live in Australia but try to spend a few months of each the year in Italy with the other side of the family.

In fact Ethnic Spirit Clothing grew from our love of discovering new places, cultures, languages, music and traditional fabrics. We knew we wanted to keep travelling for years to come and decided to try and combine some of our favourite things; travel, designing unique clothing and shoes, music festivals, the hippie lifestyle living on the road, being outdoors in nature, communicating in other languages and keeping our freedom by being our own bosses.

We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey of learning about quality products, fashion, fabrics and the ever changing market. We have slowly found our own unique style of what we get made to sell, we now know which festivals are best for us and we have created a strong global network of people with whom we work closely to make our designs.

We look forward to many years ahead still of traveling and discovering new products in all corners of the globe.

Our Travel Blog


Our Music  

We are both musicians and world music is one of our biggest passions.

We have travelled all over the world carting our own musical instruments and bringing back all sorts of weird and wonderful instruments to add to our instrument collection in our lounge room in the Blue Mountains. We have connected with people by playing music together in India, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, West Africa, Serbia and many Rainbow gatherings around Europe.

Music is our favourite language! We are so lucky that our business takes us to music festivals all over Australia and keeps us in the loop of seeing live concerts of amazing musicians from all over the world.

Here below we would like to gift you with the first song of our latest cd named Dancing Spirit. You can download the whole cd for $20 or receive it free with any purchase online over $100. Please just add it to the Notes on your order.

Listen to Giovannis' first track on the CD.

 What a unique lifestyle & workplace! We love it!

Love and light

Jessica and Giovanni 


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