We have been doing the Australian festival circuit now for more than a decade, loving all the most awesome folk, world and psytrance festivals around the country.

People love our ever-changing ethnic and ethical stall with all it's original vibrancy and colour!

We have turned vintage Mayan blouses and car tyres into an incredible new, durable and hand-made cowboy boot and shoe style. We also have an evolving and unique range of African shirts and pants, embroidered cargo pants, arty t-shirts, vintage style dresses and skirts, vintage Mayan vests, colourful jewelery, quality embroidered cargo pants, wooden instruments for children, hand-painted kites, scarves, leather bags and belts with embroidery, frocks, butterfly hand-made earrings from Colombia, hand-painted kites, Bolivian alpaca cardigans and jumpers, and so much more.

As our stall changing from one season to another with an ever-evolving selection of new clothing, jewelery, handicrafts and shoe styles, you are sure to find something that you can treasure from our ethnic and ethical stall year in and year out at your favourite festival and now even online.


Business Ethos:

Our business ethos is to work carefully and lovingly with indigenous people groups to support traditional fabrics and handicrafts and to bring them ethically to the Australian festival scene.

Sustainability Statement:

We are happy to say that our products are made using fair trade processes, the shoes using recycled fabrics and left-over car tyres and the wooden instruments using plantation wood not natural forests. We provide reusable calico bags to our shoe customers and utilise only recycled brown paper bags when selling at festivals and markets. We are happy to be part of many festivals that aim to become 100% green. We love Mother Nature and try and make our ecological imprint very light on this earth.

Stall set up and structure:

We have professional marquees which we decorate with very rustic wooden structures and shelves, masks, sculptures and decorations to display our wares. We also use sheets of the antique hand embroidered fabrics of which the shoes are made from, to decorate our stall. Every season we try to be inventive and creative in making our set up look original, rustic, natural and of high professional quality.

It's this effort made on the part of each individual stallholder that creates the magical experience of the festival bazaars!


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