48cm length by 68cm width- Antique Huipil Blouse for fabric lovers

48cm length by 68cm width- Antique Huipil Blouse for fabric lovers

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“The huipil blouse is a cultural landscape; a myriad of colours expressing local legends, belief systems and the unique handwork of the women in each town, a living book in whose pages the Mayan world and its symbols are unfurled.”

These blouses need to be worked on with a crafty hand if you want to wear them. They may need to be adjusted at the arm and neck hole for wear. They are antique and have their own story and imperfections in each one.

After many requests from customers, we have brought back a few huipil blouses to sell for crafty creatives who would like to make something incredible out of them. A cushion cover, bedspread, a fashioned poncho,  denim jacket with. back panel.... all of these are possible with theses big rectangular pieces of embroidery on a hand-woven cotton base. 

Huipil blouses are worn in daily life by all Indigenous women in Guatemala, telling the story of where you are from and which dialect you speak...
The blouses are made up of thousands of individual stitches of bright cotton fully covering the hand-loomed base material......

The fabric is first woven by hand on a back strap loom exactly to the width of the woman making it, then the motifs of the town where the woman is from are embroidered over a period of ten or so months, turning the blouse into a wild array of colours representing the exact people group, geographical and cultural identity of the woman creating it to wear.

After ten, twenty, thirty or even more years of wear, this same blouse is then sold to a second hand market to get some money back to start making another one. These second hand blouses are what we buy and get transformed into shoes, using old car tyres brought to our shoe makers from Guatemala City.