Size 35  Last of a Kind - Purple Cranes

Size 35 Last of a Kind - Purple Cranes

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Size 35  Last of a Kind - Purple Cranes

  • Fabric outer
  • Recycled car tyre sole
  • Lace-up

Handmade by an Indigenous Guatemalan family of shoe-makers with three generations of experience, the soles are innovatively made from recycled car-tyres and are not only glued but stitched on through every layer of the sole. The fabric used is recycled from Antique hand-embroidered blouses worn and made by women in Guatemala. Each pair of shoes is completely unique.

These shoes are washable and stretch in both width and length so we recommend to begin with a snug fit. They suit both wide and narrow feet.

Perfect for lovers of sustainable, ethical and fair-trade products, these colourful "one of a kind" shoes are sure to become a favourite choice for the various seasons of the year.